Adventures in the ER…

Well, not all adventures are the fun ones. Today we spent half of our day at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh following a ride via Richland Township EMS when my Nico accidentally swallowed a marble that he not so accidentally put in his mouth.


I’m so grateful that I just spent some time before Milana was born watching infant Heimlich and CPR videos online; I’m not so glad I didn’t rewatch some toddler ones. I did a good enough job with what I remembered, but good enough just won’t cut it for me and you know I had the paramedics, a resident and the attending all review procedures with me should this happen again. Nonetheless I was able to clear his airway, but the marble went down and not up. Poor kid coughed up quite a bit of blood as it went down and was clearly in a lot of pain. I opted for the ambulance transport in case of complications en route. Terrifying experience, but God was watching my little man and made sure he was okay.

The picture below shows his X-ray; you can see the marble to the right of the spine in the photo.


Thankfully the marble wasn’t lodged in his bronchial tubes and made its way to his stomach; now we wait for it to pass. I’ve been loading him up on water and fiber based foods to help make that event easier. Unfortunate thing to happen any day, especially the day before his new school year starts in Children’s House.

Side note- have you ever seen a more fashionable kid in an ambulance or in the ER?


A lesson learned here for me and I’d like to take time to share with you all as well. Take an infant and child CPR class. Watch videos and know what to do just in case you’re ever in the situation. Practice. Talk through with anyone that watches your kids. Remember that time is precious and you need to call 911 or assign someone else to right away; every second counts when it comes to oxygen to the brain. It’s very hard to think clearly in an emergency. Most hospitals offer classes that you can take and even become certified. Alternatively, you can talk with your child’s pediatrician to find resources available in your area.

Thank you to Helen and Barb with Richland Township EMS, as well as the doctors, residents, X-ray techs, and nurses (especially Jalen, who made Nico a blueberry slushie before he left – Nico told everyone it was his coffee) at CHoP for your care and attention for my boy. Thanks to my au pair Chloe who provided an extra set of hands for Brandon and I at the hospital and Nico’s grandparents for offering to help however was needed. It sure takes a village!


16 thoughts on “Adventures in the ER…

  1. Oh my gosh, it is so scary when the kids swallow something. I watched my kids like a hawk, but I still had a few incidents. They’ll put ANYTHING in their mouths!


  2. oh my goodness you must have been a bag of nerves – so happy to hear hes ok lovely x kind regards Pati Robins @stylesqueeze blog


  3. Oh my goodness! It’s scary indeed. Kids swallowing all sort of things are so common at this age. I remember my daughter OMG!


  4. Ok that was sooo scary I wouldn’t know how I would handle it if it were me! So glad he’s ok (and still fashionable haha) now 🙂


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