Triumph… #3Under3

This photo right here. I don’t think I need to describe what I was feeling to you because everything about the photo screams “VICTORY!” I wish every mom and mom to be the ability to have the birth of your dreams; not mine, not someone else’s… yours. Knowledge is power and knowledge is empowering. I can’t wait to share more details about the beautiful morning … Continue reading Triumph… #3Under3

Introducing Our Newest Family Member… #3Under3

And no, it’s not the new baby! Bet I fooled you! Today I’m introducing someone that I looked long and hard for and prayed much about – and I’m so glad to say that I feel like God has delivered! So without further ado, I’m so happy to be introducing Ms. Chloe Sasha-Lee Sandberg, from Johannesburg, South Africa! Chloe will be joining our family at … Continue reading Introducing Our Newest Family Member… #3Under3

How Being a Lawyer Prepared me for Motherhood… #Lawyered

The first in my new series of posts… #lawyered! Today I wrote about how some of the things that I’ve learned being a lawyer, or maybe even things that were always inside of me but refined through being a lawyer, have benefited me in my role as a mom! Let me know what you think! Continue reading How Being a Lawyer Prepared me for Motherhood… #Lawyered

Failure as a Mom… #RealTalk

I recently mentioned that I don’t really struggle with mom guilt. At all. However, that doesn’t mean that I am immune to making mistakes. And on Tuesday, I felt like I made a big mistake. I’m posting a few pictures of me and Nico taken over the last few weeks, because they remind me that I am not a bad mom and make me feel … Continue reading Failure as a Mom… #RealTalk

ACOG makes fun of Meghan Markle’s birth wishes… I can’t even. #Maternity&Motherhood

Over the last two days, amidst speculation and excitement surrounding the new Royal Baby Sussex, articles from a variety of sources have come out talking about how, at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Conference in Nashville over the weekend, obstetricians were making fun of Meghan Markle’s desire to give birth at home. Continue reading ACOG makes fun of Meghan Markle’s birth wishes… I can’t even. #Maternity&Motherhood

“…but at least the baby is okay!” Maternal Mental Health Week 2019 #Maternity&Motherhood

So many parents, particularly moms, feel like they are failing in their journey of parenting. And the majority of these parents say that they feel pressure from social media sites like Instagram and Facebook to live up to this filtered idea of a perfect life. That is one of many reasons why I make a point to share my “unplugged” posts – let’s face it … Continue reading “…but at least the baby is okay!” Maternal Mental Health Week 2019 #Maternity&Motherhood

Surviving Codependency… #RealTalk

Before I jump in- yes, I began this post featuring a photo of me happily zenned out at the Canyon Ranch Spa in Las Vegas. I took a girls trip earlier this year as part of a much needed self-care weekend, and this was the pinnacle of me in relaxation mode. It is so important to take care of ourselves. I’ve mentioned in a previous … Continue reading Surviving Codependency… #RealTalk

This Is Us. #RealTalk #Maternity&Motherhood

This is SO us. One kid crying, another uninterested, mom forgetting basic things. I think it’s just as important to share these real moments (and hey- they make for the best memories, right?) as it is the ones where everyone happens to be looking at the camera and smiling. Life is chaos right now, but it’s perfect. Continue reading This Is Us. #RealTalk #Maternity&Motherhood