We miss you, Chloe….

About a month ago, I suffered devastating heartbreak when I realized that I just wasn’t going to be able to make it work with my dear au pair, Chloe. Continue reading We miss you, Chloe….


A Farewell Note From Our Chloe…

On the 2nd of August, I arrived at the Pittsburgh International Airport — nervous, excited and overwhelmed. After meeting the Thompson’s at Arrivals, I immediately felt so welcomed after seeing their heart warming smiles. My stay here has been nothing short of amazing, I’ve loved every minute spent with these beautiful kids. Pittsburgh is such a beautiful city. I fell in love with a lot … Continue reading A Farewell Note From Our Chloe…

Introducing Our Newest Family Member… #3Under3

And no, it’s not the new baby! Bet I fooled you! Today I’m introducing someone that I looked long and hard for and prayed much about – and I’m so glad to say that I feel like God has delivered! So without further ado, I’m so happy to be introducing Ms. Chloe Sasha-Lee Sandberg, from Johannesburg, South Africa! Chloe will be joining our family at … Continue reading Introducing Our Newest Family Member… #3Under3