My Dream Homebirth of Milana Grace… #CirqueDuSolabor

My Dream Birth of Milana Grace was exactly as I imagined it to be: magical. Continue reading My Dream Homebirth of Milana Grace… #CirqueDuSolabor


Preparing for Baby #3…

  I fell in love with birth the night I had my first, despite it not being the experience I had hoped for (lengthy medicated labor). However, just a mere 48 hours after Nico was born, with a NICU stay and all, I left the hospital ready to give birth again. I was already talking about what I would do differently the second time around, … Continue reading Preparing for Baby #3…

Triumph… #3Under3

This photo right here. I don’t think I need to describe what I was feeling to you because everything about the photo screams “VICTORY!” I wish every mom and mom to be the ability to have the birth of your dreams; not mine, not someone else’s… yours. Knowledge is power and knowledge is empowering. I can’t wait to share more details about the beautiful morning … Continue reading Triumph… #3Under3